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Chi Flow Enhancers


Lightstones Chi Flow Enhancers are designed to enhance and balance the chi flow in your life.

They are intended to help you keep a high level of energy and strenghten your immunity system, to protect you against EMF radiation and negativity, and to help you connect to your higher self. 

Our world is filled with EMF radiation created by electrical appliances and cellular communication, we are surrounded by human negativity as well.

Each time our system faces negativity and EMF radiation, our level of energy gets lower and our immune system becomes weak.

My Chi or Orgone products are hear to help you face a polluted environment.

Instead of fearing negativity and pollution, you can act to protect yourself, your family, your home and direct environment. 

At "Lightstones" you will find all the products that you need to make the energy flow in your  life and feel safer!

Lightstones Chi Creations are made with love on Mount Carmel in Israel.