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Here are a few testimonials from my corespondance with my valuable clientele.

I would like to thank you, each of you who wrote to me, for your support, trust and kind words.

You warmed up my heart!!!

Much love ♥♥♥♥ !



I'm just sending this note to say I love the pendant I got from you! I wear it all the time and it's an amazing reminder to stay true to myself and never forget everything the flower of life represents! :)

Thanks, have a great day!



Dear Orly,

I received the Lighstone on November 23, and I am very grateful for the fast shipping.
I have found that it is helping me in my practice of the Healing Codes which is a healing modality by Dr. Alex Loyd, like its making it more effective. The modality deals with the energy radiating off the finger tips directed at four healing centres on the head. I guess the enhanced chi flow from the Lighstone is amplifying that.
Thank you so much. Much blessings.


I received the light stone a few days ago, I am very pleased.  It is beautiful.  I 've been showing it to many people and explaining the workings of the orgone.  I love sleeping with it!   Thank you so very much, what grace filled power.



My Aura is like a sponge and soaks up every energy it comes across, My Aura has been damaged by passed trauma's and I wasn't able to properly protect myself, so I bought a Lightstone for my birthday and was so excited when I got it just a couple days ago!

At first it seems like a heavy burden or...well I can't describe it and I had to take it off! Hang it up for a that normal?

But after leaving it on the wall for a day, I felt it was ok to put it on like I could relax to it.

There is huge change!!

I feel a lot more protected and I feel all of the negative energy gets transformed into positive energy.

I can focus a lot better in my material life as well as my spiritual Energies are so much more clear.

When I read people I am able to focus a lot more but stay protected.

I'm sure this will not be the last stone I buy, I just got it so i'm sure some wonderful things will manifest.

I'm so happy with it!!

Thank you so much for all your work and the information you provide!!

I still have a ways to go before i can meet my full potential but you certainly helped me get half way there!

I get so many compliments on it and so many great conversations so thank you keep up the good work

with love.



My dearest Ori

Here they are, and exactly the way I wanted, thank you once more for your marvellous work.



Hello......I just wanted to thank-you again for this wonderful orgone pendant. I have not had a headache since I put this pendant on, and I was plagued by daily headaches, almost constant headaches. You are a true light worker! Thank-you! 


Thanks so much --
I love mine, I wore it yesterday and I was breathing better and I could feel my heart opening!  Simply amazing, thank you for sharing your gift with all of us.


>HI Orly

Just received your package, thank you so much. Within minutes of receiving the lightstones we were able to get into the energy issues we have not been able to shift,  we have been working on them for months. Still got a little more to shift in my universe.
How does it get any better then that.
Thanks for your time and energy


Dear Orly
  II just receive my order, they are amazing, thank you once more for your beautifull art and the time you spent making it, that´s a huge gift!!! I hope the Universe pays you back for the beauty in you, all my love!!


Hi Orly,
The pendant came today. I felt an immediate change when i put it on. I'm not quite sure how to explain, but it felt good. I will recommend them to my friends.
Thanks for everything!


just wanted to say thanks for the pendant for my wife.  i had a couple of days that i carried it with me and i believe it helped with my aches and pains.
now at first my wife did not really believe it could do any good for her pain.  so i started asking her daily if she had used it on her pain and reminded her to try it.  so after a few times she did try it and she found that it does help with her pain.



Hello!  I received the necklace today and I am absolutely delighted.  I love it!  Much bigger than I thought as well.  Thank you so much.


Hi Ori

just got back from vegas and guess what was waiting for me . it's strange put it on like 10 minutes ago and it's making me feel very emotional . i feel like crying almost . it's very beautiful , i'll never take it off . thank you so much . i'll order for my wife and daughte this weekend . thanks again brother , damn never would have thought it would make me feel like crying , not sad crying more strong tears like a release maybe . namaste  

Y. loves hers recieved it day before yesterday . mine has really help with my energy flow actually scared myself the other day , felt my energy in waves of red and blue . it was quite the experience . as far as the feeling like crying i'm never afraid to be me , it wouldn't have been possible without you . thanks my friend .



Thanks super much
the pyramid is centrally located and one dome on the electric box and the rest in the  up and downstairs as well
so I am completely happy
my children each have one, and the 2 chihuahuas...........wear them and myself
for the pendants
its all very wonderful in energy and decor to the eyes to look at

warm regards and blessings


Orly, Well I recieved all of my beautiful lightstones a while ago.  Sorry I didn't write sooner.I love them all and am very happy!  They fill my house with light and lightness! Thankyou so much!


Dear Ori,

Just received your courier, the stuff is magnificent. Could you please give me a phone number to contact you so i could thank you and ask you a few q's on how to start using these wonderful gifts. I already feel a difference frome having them around me since an hour ago. Amazing!


Hi Ori,
I just received the package.  The shipping was faster than I had expected.
Actually, I like the pendant very much!  It's really beautiful!!  
You did an excellent job.
Thank you so much.


> Hi Orly,
> Thanks for your beautiful work on your lightstones and mandalas.
> I have put them throughout my office, on my dog.
> Thanks for making a conscious difference in the world.
> Namaste


Dear Ori,
I wanted to thank you for making the beautiful golden spiral pendant for me..
I received it yesterday and it was perfect timing. ..yesterday I started feeling sick,by noon my stomach was hurting and I
felt like I was burning up but had no fever, my balance was off, I could hardly get up for very long without laying back
down, my husband told me how awful and pale I looked, .... I know my body pretty well, and this was the kind of sickness that would usually knock me down for days...
Anyway I got the pendant and I had not even opened it I felt too sick and my husband opened it for me and I put it on,
I slept with it on,
And I felt 100% better this am, I was still a little dragged out and had a minor headache, but nothing like last night
So I have my pendant on and I'm saying my prayers and I feel great.
I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated it...and you made it so affordable for me...Hopefully I will send some more business your way....God Bless you...
Thanks so much for everything and May the Angels watch over you,


Hi Orly,
Your creations are amazing. Powerful and beautiful. My two sons and I wear them all the time. Their positive energy is tremendous.


Hi Orly,
Just wanted to let you know that as soon as I dropped a small light drop orgonite in my fish tank, my Japanese fighting fish always rests right on top of it now. Pretty cool and I am glad that my fish has some EMF reliief.

 Hi Ori,
I received my light stone last week!!  Amazing, it was exactly the light stone i wished. So thank you, very much!! My beauty, and efficient light stone is always with me night and day!  You know all around me I spread love and compassion and I need something to protect me, because I am empathic, so even i have to transmute vibrations and keep positive always. I am in harmony with my light stone. thank you Ori!!
May the light of pure universal love, peace and harmony be allways with you and yours!!
D.                NAMASTE!!!


Dear Orly,
I want you to know that I love your orgonites.  Anybody who notices it says it is a unique piece of jewelry and it is very beautiful.  I purchased two from you and I gave one to my daughter who likes it a lot and wears it all the time.  
I need more orgonites in the future and will definitely get those from you.
Love and Peace to you,


Hello Ori,
I just received the package....
Ahhhh.... the stuff is so beautiful. The house plate is HUGE.... I thought this would be a flat disc.  It is another decorative item that I will love so. I placed it sort of in the middle of the house.
Thank you for the phone disc. I will figure it out how to attach it to my new phone.
Once again, I thank you for everything from the bottom of my heart.
Sending many blessings your way.


Dear Ori,
Just wanted to confirm that I collected my parcel today from the post office. Thank you so much, all the pieces are absolutely beautiful.
Have a wonderful day.
Love and Light

Thank you very much, now i have a better understanding of what is Orgonite..........its love...


Dear Orly. Thank you for sending me your beatiful pendants! They are really pretty and powerful! It came right before my birthday. These small bags for orgons makes me so happy,too!!It is like an additional gift to me!Thank you so much!!!