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Orgone Wind Chimes by Lightstones & Jerusalem Chimes May 16 2017, 0 Comments

I have started to create Lightstones in 2006. Since then, I have always dreamed to create tuned Orgone Wind Chimes.

A few months ago I have met the creator of Jerusalem Chimes, the 22 years old, best brand of tuned wind chimes in Israel. His store located in Rosh Pina is a magical space full of Chimes and Feng Shui Harmonizers, as you can see in the video below.

We have started to create the first Orgone Wind Chimes, which are finally ready now.

I am in love with these chimes! For now there are 3 different sizes, each is precisely tuned, each a different melody.

These are powerful Feng Shui devices, harmonizers and chi flow enhancers.

The combination of Lightstones; which clean energy and create a continuous flow; with the Wind Chimes; which are well known Feng Shuy harmonizers; creates a most powerful energy device!

Listen to the sounds... T

Orgone pendulums for dowsers August 04 2016, 0 Comments

New at Lightstones!

Lightstones Orgone pendulum, for dowsers

Orgone pendulums for dowsers.

With double terminated copper coiled quartz crystal

Garnet, emerald, larimar or ametyst.

Gold and brass.

Crystal powders.


Flowers from Mt Carmel.



Free shipment July 26 2016, 0 Comments

Free shipping worldwide!
Fill in "summersale" on your discount coupon at checkout!
Much love!

"NEW" Field Stones with shungite for outdoor gifting. September 25 2013, 0 Comments

  • Sweet Field Stones containing flowers, herbs, quartz crystal, crystal powders and shungite.....made with ♥

Free cell phone device with each order August 10 2011, 1 Comment

 We offer a dree cell pgone device with each order placed before august 31, 2011

Healing stone with shungite May 19 2011, 0 Comments

"NEW" Chi healing disc with shungite, herkimmer diamond, emerald, ametyst and turquoise.

A perfect pain reliever applied locally, enhanced by shungite, well known for its negativity absorbing capacities.

A must have in your pocket!

Oval Charging Disc with hematite. February 27 2011, 0 Comments

New orgone discs: oval shape and travellers plates, rich and colorful!

Oval Golden Spiral pendant, NEW!!! February 27 2011, 0 Comments


Lightstones affiliate program December 11 2010, 3 Comments

 We have launched a new affiliate program, click here if you are interested to join and promote Lightstones on your website or blog.

Contact me at if you have any questions.

Free shipment for Christmas November 27 2010, 0 Comments

 Get free shipment at Lightstones for any purchase until december 24, 2010!!!

Lightstones pendants with precious gemstones and shungite November 11 2010, 1 Comment


Limited serie with 4 unique pieces, each containing a ruby, saphire or emerald as central stone, shungite and orchid leaves.

New! Chakra Harmonizer with shungite mix. September 21 2010, 1 Comment

 A new pendant at Lightstones: Chakra Harmonizer enhanced with a shungite-crytals-metals powder mix.

The cascading density of metals enhances the chi flow and efficiency of the pendant.

In our pendant collection now!

Golden harmonizer September 12 2010, 2 Comments

 A new pendant at Lightstones!

The Golden Harmonizer



Contains semi-precious gems and crystals: a double terminated quartz crystal, lapis lazuli. emeralds and rose quartz powder, 24K gold leaves, precious metal powders and shavings, pyrite-selenite-blue kyanite fine powder and from the sacred geometry, a flower of life mandala at the back side.

A general harmonizer and protector.

Intended to harmonize the flow along our vertical axis, between earth and sky.

Designed in 2 different shapes: vesica pisces and rectangle.


Available in our pendant collection now!

Lightstones custom orders July 17 2010, 0 Comments

Lightstones offers you the opportunity to order your unique, personal chi device.

It will be made with intent especially for you.

You choose the stones and colors, and we will create it for you!