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My name is Ori.

I am an artist, architect and tai-chi teacher,  .

 Chi energy or life force has always been my main interest in life.

 Many years of tai-chi practice and teaching gave me the experience to feel Chi energy and to work with it.

I apply this knowledge in my architectural designs, and in the creation of Chi or Orgone devices.

With time I discovered Wilhelm Reich's work about Orgone energy, he was the first scientist to prove the existence of life energy on a scientific way, and what he called Orgone is in fact the same matter I had felt and call Chi energy.

The discovery of Orgonite, which is a continuation of Reich's work and is  a matter that transforms stagnant chi into healthy life energy, directed my studies to the realm of minerals and the energetic flow through different materials.

I started to create Lightstones in 2006, using all the knowledge I had gathered through years.

Dr Masuru Emoto's research and amazing discovery on the influence of emotions on the quality of water, made me understand how important the intent is while creating chi devices.

My Chi devices are an extension of my spiritual art, they are created with love and pure intent, to help people find their balance, health, overcome their fears, be strong and happy, and connected to the different realms of life. This is what I call White Magic.

My business is located on  Mt Carmel in Israel, where Elijah the Prophet wandered, where it is said that Jesus learned and lived with the Essenian cave dwellers.

Lightstones offers a wide range of products to cover people's needs and enhance the energy level of the body, home and environment.

Please feel free to contact me at  or chat with me by clicking the link above this page, if you have any questions.