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How to use Lightstones


Lightstones are orgone generators and chi flow enhancers, they disperse stagnant chi by making it flow again.

 The matrix of the devices is made of epoxy resin and metals.

Lightstones contain crystals, gemstones, crystal powders, flowers and herbs, copper coils, seashells and mandalas, metal shavings and powders, mineral powders. 

The crystals amplify and make the energy flow continuously, while the copper coil directs the energy flow. 

The shells and mandalas add frequencies from sacred geometry and work as harmonizers.

Lightstones are made with alignment to source and vibrate at a high level of energy on the Bovis Scale .

They  increase the strength of the aura and protect us against negativity and stress, harmful microwaves, geopathy and electromagnetic radiation. 

They improve the flow of energy in the body and act as preventive medicine. 

Applied locally they reduce pain.

Lightstones make us stronger, more centered, and increase our psychic abilities.

Wear a Lightstone on you all the time.

Hang a Lightstone above your baby's bed.

 Hold a Lightstone in your hand while meditating.

Put a Lightstone on or next to electrical appliances.

Hang a Lightstone in your car.

Charge food, drinks, flowers and crystals on a Lightstone charging plate. 

Place a Lightstone in your fishtank.

Hang a Lightstone on your pet's collar.

If there is geopathy in your house, orgonite neutralizes the harm.

Place four HHG domes or pyramids at the four corners of your home.

Place a Lightstone plate on your dinner table as a central piece, to create harmony.

When building a new house you can integrate an Lightstone in the floor or the entrance door, or have a orgonite window to enhance the energy of the house,.

You can also order a personal chi device made with intent especially for you to give you strength and joy on your way.

Each device is handmade and unique. 

Lightstones exist in various sizes and shapes, for personal and environmental use, and radiate from 10 to 500 meters radius. 

They vibrate 44000 units on the Bovis scale used in radiesthesy

They are beneficial for humans, animals, homes and the landscape.


At first when you receive your Lightstone, you might feel a certain discomfort when wearing it for too long. 
If it happens......
It means that you are very sensitive.
And it means that it works.
And it means that you need to accostum yourself to your Lightstone gradually.
The level of energy of a Lightstone is very high, much more than our body is used to.
When you saw the pendant and wanted it was the part of you that wants you at a high level of energy.
There is still a part of you that resists the change, fears it.
This part of you should relax and let the energy in, trusting that it is safe. 
Your body knows how to  take this energy on the best way for you, gently and slowly.

Now I would suggest to start with hanging your pendant somewhere in your room for about 2 weeks without touching it.
Let it gently enhance the level of energy of the room.
Then take it in your hands for a few minutes everyday.
Learn to know it:) Feel it.
Then wear it for an hour a day or only when you need to be focused.
But not as a pendant yest, in your pocket would be better, at the level of the belly and not the heart.
And slowly your body will get used to the new level of energy.