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Some explanations about our different products and how you can use them.

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  Here you can find unique handmade orgone Pocket Devices, each device is different and unique.

Wherever you go, you can take your pocket device with you.

Hold it in your hand in stressful situations.

It will protect you from electro magnetic radiation and negative human energy.

It will help you keeping a high level of energy in any situation.

It gives a feeling of power and connects you to the earth.

Applied locally, it acts as a pain reliever.

This device affects more or less seven meters diameter, it's influence covers your aura completely.

If you have a fish tank, I suggest to put a device in the water, because the fish tank's filtering system has a high electro magnetic radiation.

Another possibility is to put a device next to plants, they love orgonite!




lightstones orgone pendants

  Lightstones Orgone offers a wide range of pendants: chakras harmonizers, golden spirals, lightdrops, personal protection pendants, flower of life pendants.

All of them protect against EMF and negativity!
Every one of them is unique and has its own energy.

The Personal Protector Pendant, dome or cylinder shaped, suits people who work with energy and people who spend many hours in electromagnetic radiation. Each of them is unique in its design.

The Lightdrop is our smallest device and has a fine and precise energy. Perfect protection for kids against electromagnetic pollution.

The Chakra Harmonizer has seven different stones-colors-frequencies, each corresponding to a different chakra. 

The Golden Harmonizer has a double terminated white quartz crystal or a herkimmer diamond and balances our general chi flow. 

There are two different shapes in Harmonizers, rectangular and vesica pisces. 

They are intended to harmonize our chakras and open the energy flow through our vertical axis as well as to protect against EMF radiation and negativity.

 The Flower of Life Pendant is a perfect EMF protector and harmonizer for daily wear, with a mandala, a copper coil, a herkimmer diamond and emerald. Very nice for kids! 


 The Golden Spiral Pendant, emits specific qualities, according to the stones contained in it, its main ingredient is love. This pendant is as strong as the Personal Protection Pendant is EMF protective, and has a cylinder shape.


The Torus Disc is our newest pendant, very powerful item!

All our pendants are intended to help transform negative thoughts and feelings. They enhance our personal energy and the energy around us due to their own high energy level measured on the Bovis biometer.
Look at them, feel them and listen to your heart!
 lightstones orgone torus
 Multi-use Orgone Donuts, torus shaped, you can use them as pocket device, pendant or charm.

  Hang them in your car, on your dog's collar or above your baby's bed. Use your imagination! 

They radiate 10 meter around them and shine pure light!


  lightstones cell phone charms

New generation cell phone devices.

Contain a special Lightstones mix, based on shungite, metal powders and quartz powders.

The flower of life mandala acts as a harmonizer.

Available in three different shapes and multiple colors.





We have different types of Orgone Domes. Space Enhancer is the first one, it is our version of the tower buster(TB), Its size varies between 6 and 8 cm diameter, and 3 and 4 cm high.

Very effective next to electrical appliances, TV, microwave, computers,...

Place four space enhancers as guardians at the four corners of the house, it will cover the whole house, keep it energetically clean and give it a high level of energy.

Placed in a room the orgone dome's influence will cover the whole space.

Applied on the body, it works as a pain reliever. The space enhancer is also effective next to plants.

The second type of dome is the Magic Dome, my version of the Holy Hand Grenade (HHG) invented by Don Croft.

It is larger than the first type of orgone dome. It contains a double terminated quartz crystal in its center, and four copper wired single terminated quartz crystals at the base.

You can place Magic Domes at the four corners of your house as guardians if you have geopathy.

You should have one in the electricity box and one next to the water line. The magic dome is too strong for sleeping rooms.

Recommended for your office, especially if you have computers in it. Very effective to neutralize geopathic stress.

The ovodome is new at Lightstones. has a more organic shape and is designed on the same energetic pattern as the space enhancer.



 lightstones orgone pyramids

HHG pyramids in various sizes.

Our Orgone Pyramids are built as HHG's (Holy Hand Grenades invented by Don Croft) or TB's (Tower Busters)..

An HHG is an Orgone Device containing five quartz crystals: one double terminated placed verically, and four single terminated at the base. It emits POR (positive orgone) to six directions in space..

A TB is an Orgone Device containing one quartz crystal, its effect is more local. .

The HHG Pyramid is a powerful Space Enhancer for your home or office.
Placed at the four corner of your home as four guardians, the whole area will be covered and protected. .

It is also a wonderful meditation tool, which activates the earth-sky energy flow through our vertical axis. It is rootening and helps us connect with our Higher Self. And can also be used to focus intent .

We have various sizes of pyramids, the smallest one measures more or less: base 5X5cm, height 3cm; the largest one has a base of 11X11cm and a height of 8cm. 





lightstones orgone pyramids

 Our Orgone Plates exist in various sizes, the area of their influence is different for each size.

The smallest device is the Travelers Orgone Plate. Small enough to put in your pocket, it cleans the energy about 24 meters diameter, which means it covers 12 meters around you.

While traveling you often have to sleep in rooms with low level of energy or geopathy. The travelers Plate neutralizes the harm and protects you.

You can use the travelers charging Plate to enhance the energy level of the water you drink by simply putting your bottle on it for one hour.

You will get living water which is very healthy and nourishing for your body. Then you have the Small Charging Plate for the house. It covers a space of 17 meters around it.

It is intended to charge drinks with life energy. Water, wine, fruit juices or medicines.

You can also use it to clean crystals, your pendulum, acupuncture needles.

The Medium Orgone Plate is larger and weighs much heavier. Covers the whole house and surroundings (180 meters).

It helps with high voltage or antenna's around the house.

It might harmonize your relations with your neighbors.

Charges food, drinks, crystals, keeps flowers and fruits fresh and energetic.

This item is a must in every house!


orgone plates

    Shungite is a mineral from Russia with amazing healing qualities and a high absorbtion capacity of EMF radiation.

This mineral has lately become known out of Russia.

Water can be purified with shungite stones, bacteries and heavy metals disapear and the water receives healing properties which can be used to heal many different kind of diseases.

The combination of Orgonite and Shungite works amazingly!

The capacity of the orgone device to absorb EMF is multiplied, and the chi flow is enhanced.

Lightstones "shungite mix" contains shungite powder, crystal powder and metal powders (aluminium, brass, copper).

A collection of  all our items containing shungite.