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Large Orgone tuned Wind Chime


Harmonizing and energy enhancing Feng Shuy device, large tuned Wind Chime.

Wind Chimes are well known harmonizers, Orgonite cleans the surroundings and enhances the energy flow. Both complete and enhance each other to create this unique energy device.

Made of a large Orgone Charging plate, 23cm diameter, influence 150m.

Chimes are tuned to harmonic melody, made by Jerusalem Chimes, the best tuned chimes in Israel.

Available in different scales, Indian scale on the video.

Contains, white quartz crystals, ametyst, lapis lazuli, emeralds, turquoise, moon stone, pearls, rose quartz, danburite.

Crystal powders.

24K gold leaves, brass shavings.

Wooden David Star.

Feather, herbs and flowers from Mt Carmel

Watch and listen to the sound!

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